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​ ENAYA – The Government of Dubai Employee Healthcare Benefits Scheme - is by far one of the finest programmes developed in the Emirate of Dubai.

The Government of Dubai cares for all its employees’ as well as their families’ health and well-being. With this in mind, and in accordance with the Government of Dubai Human Resources Law 2006, ENAYA was designed and officially launched on 01 July 2009.

ENAYA provides a broad range of cover including treatment for almost all types of ailments (chronic and/or acute). Preventative treatment is likewise covered along with routine health check-ups.

The programme encompasses 39 Government-owned departments with more than 90 thousand beneficiaries (i.e. Dubai Government employees and their families) who receive high quality services through direct access to Dubai Health Authority facilities and over a thousand service providers in the private sector within the Emirate of Dubai and beyond.

ENAYA Benefits:

ENAYA offers comprehensive coverage including:​


Under ENAYA, expectant mothers and their babies are cared for from the start of the pregnancy to birth and afterwards.

And, unlike other policies, there is no waiting-period for this benefit under ENAYA.


Pre-existing and Chronic Diseases


Disease Prevention

Routine periodic check-ups and vaccinations are fully covered and may be availed at DHA facilities.


Important Features:

Second Opinion

Patients are protected through case referrals to DHA specialists and unnecessary procedures/surgeries are avoided.


ENAYA Helpline

A dedicated customer service helpline operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Exclusively available to ENAYA members for any queries or clarifications regarding their coverage.​


Before proceeding to any service provider, please check:

1. That you are carrying your valid ENAYA membership card

2. Your ENAYA Network list to ensure that the service provider is within the network. Alternatively, you may contact the Enaya Helpline (800 4 36292) and an agent will be happy to assist

3. That the consultation / service is covered under the policy by calling the ENAYA Helpline (800 4 36292)

4. The estimated cost of service before you start the treatment as there might be other providers where the same treatment may cost less.


For example, some doctors can conduct operations in different hospitals which may vary in the prices, so always ask about the cost and the option is up to you to decide whether to continue or use other providers.



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