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DHA App is a new initiative by Dubai Health Authority to provide all services of DHA under one Smart application. Using this app Dubai residents will be able to access DHA’s Smart Services i.e., Manage Appointments, Lab Results and Medications. Users can also check for Medical Fitness Application Status, Register and Volunteer for Blood Donation services. The app supports both English & Arabic language.


Smart Mazad

Smart Mazad is a bilingual mobile app. Which allows investors and companies to view all the biddings offered by DHA. And submit their bids on any of DHA Biddings. Through the app. Users will be able to do the followings: a. Submit Registration form to be registered as investor in DHA b. View all Biddings offered by DHA c. View the invitation letter for any of the biddings d. Pay document fees to participate in any of the biddings e. Have access to Draft contract and Technical and contractual agreement which will be signed if investor wins the Bidding f. Download Bid Bond template, which should be filled by Bank. g. Get notified about the status of the Bidding (won, lost, or in progress)


Dammi App

Dammi, helps to raise awareness of public about blood donation . It gives the opportunity for any person who would like to donate blood now or in cases of emergencies to read about the process of donating blood in Dubai Health Authority and enable the donor to go through and complete part of blood donation process while the donor is working in his/her office or at home and this will reduce around 15-20 minutes of the process time for customer happiness and satisfaction. This smart application will support the national blood services by having a wide database about healthy people whom are willing to donate blood during emergencies and disasters. Also and through this application, the blood donation center can keep in touch with people who have down loaded the applications and send to them notifications and updates about our blood services.



Tifli application provides expectant parents in general, and pregnant mothers in particular, with fully-personalized, evidence-based content to help them navigate through pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood



A smartphone application which targets all diabetes and none diabetes residence in Dubai. DHA aims to introduce enough tools for diabetic patients to better manage their illness and self-monitor their health. It also provides enough information for non-diabetic patients to reduce the probability of getting the diseases


Dubai Health Experience (DXH)

Dubai Health Experience (DXH) App offers access to hundreds of doctors profiles, hospital/clinic listing and comprehensive medical packages that have been created with the help of over 25 healthcare facilities that form the ‘DXH Group’ – the official group comprised of healthcare facilities participating in the Dubai medical tourism project.


DHA Formulary Application

DHA Formulary App provides DHA physicians, pharmacists, and all healthcare staff, information on the available medicines along with their clinical indications, dosage and prescribing criteria. This would help all concerned to make informed decisions for the benefit of patients receiving DHA healthcare services.



Sehhaty, a Bilingual DHA patient centric mobile app which aims to provide health services for patients and their families through their smart devices.


DHA Library

Rashid Medical library app provide quick and easy access to the all resources from the iPhone. · Access the below electronic collection:e-journals; ebooks, clinical, Evidence Based Medicine, Drugs, guidelines, multimedia. Learn using the CME online resources.

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