Privacy Policy


DHA understands and respects users' privacy and it is committed to protect it. By visiting DHA Portal and DHA Smart Apps, you agree to the practices stated in the privacy policy. Please read our privacy policy carefully to understand how we collect and use information

Information collection

Some non-identifiable information is collected automatically while surfing our website or using smartphone apps, such as:

 -              The IP address you are using to access the website.

 -              The type of web browser used as well as the time and date of the visit.

-              The pages you view on the website.

Identifiable information is collected voluntarily, such as when the user:

-              Sends DHA personal information such as name, date of birth, healthcard no. etc.

-              Completes an online suggestions or complains form.

-              Applies for a job through our e-job service.

-              Registers with the online forum.

-              Uses online services such as Health services, the Medical Fitness service or the Licensing and other DHA electronic Services.

Information Usage

-              To keep a record of registered users.

-              To allow us to customize services based on users preferences.

-              To collect internal statistics that help us serve the users better.

-              To contact users in order to provide DHA news or information regarding up-coming events.

-              Users’ information is never shared with any third parties unless it is required by law or to protect DHA rights or properties.


Cookies are plain text files stored in your personal computer by the web browser; used as a distinction tool between site visitors. They are used to customize your visit and enhance your surfing experience and do not contain any personally identifiable information, subject your privacy/information to any risk or are not used to track individual usage. It is possible to set most web browsers to reject cookies, accept, or delete these files. However, the refusal or removing cookies may obstruct your user experience.

Links to Other Sites

The DHA website has links to third party websites. DHA has no control over other websites and thus the DHA privacy policy does not apply to them. Users are encouraged to read third party privacy policies before providing any personal information to third party websites.

Information Security

DHA has implemented appropriate steps to protect the personal information you share with us using various technology and security features that safeguard the privacy of your personal information. We use encryption methods to protect information, which is deemed sensitive, or any other data that should remain secure to meet federal, Local or DHA’s legal requirements.

Social Media Sites

These terms apply to users that interact with DHA’s social media accounts (e.g.,,,, Instagram etc.) (“Social Media Hosts”). Any suggestions, materials (including without limitation, images, photographs, videos, and sound recordings etc.), ideas or comments submitted to us (“Submitted Materials”) shall be deemed as non-confidential. DHA asks users of our social media sites to be respectful of the larger community by complying with the terms and policies of each Social Media Host. We appreciate and encourage users to contribute comments that are respectful and further discussion on our social media sites, but ask that users avoid making comments that might be considered:

• Confrontational

• offensive

• discriminatory

• profane

• off-topic

• spam (i.e., unsolicited promotion of a third-party business);

• misleading; or

• fake.

DHA reserves the right to remove comments or content on our social media sites that fit into any one of the above categories, or for any other reason, to preserve the integrity of our social media sites. We may block further posting on our social media sites by any individual who violates this Privacy Policy. DHA claims no liability, in any way, connected to the use of or access to our social media sites. Any comments or content posted by the users do not reflect, in any way, DHA’s opinion.


 DHA reserves the right to modify or amend the privacy policy at any time and the effective date will be posted at the beginning of the privacy policy. It is advisable to check the privacy policy on a regular basis for any changes.


If you have questions about the DHA privacy policy please contact us via e-mail at: