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About Dubai Diabetes Center

​​​The Dubai Diabetes Center at DHA was established in 2009 with the vision of improving the lives of the people with Diabetes. This center provided comprehensive diabetes care according to the world's best standards. The team comprises of endocrinologists, nurses and dietitian educators, exercise physiologists, mental health counselor and podiatrist. The facility in the house performs lab evaluations and retinal photography. This state of the art facility also provides physician training and conducts research. With the opening of our new facility, we added a pediatric endocrine clinic to take care of young people with diabetes in a specially designed child friendly environment. The space is much larger than before allowing us to see more patients with extended hours. There is also demonstration kitchen for live food preparation classes; and a gym has been added for our patients. The podiatry facilities have been doubled as well. For the convenience of our patients, there is an in house pharmacy as well as lab drawing facilities.

Team Approach

The prevalence of Diabetes in Dubai is among the highest in the world. In order to effectively deal with that, the dubai Health Authority decided to develop a full-fledged facility to cater the needs of people with diabetes in the emirate. Given that Diabetes is a disease that impacts all aspects of the person's life, it is not enough for a patient to only visit a doctor who will examine them and prescribe the necessary medication. A team approach is necessary for the treatment of Diabetes in order to help the patient understand and act upon all the changes that are necessary to maintain good health. In the Dubai Diabetes Center at Dubai Health Authority, we have a team comprising of consultant endocrinologists, diabetes educators, dietitians, a mental health counselor, a podiatrist, a retinal imaging specialist & an exercise physiologist. They all work together to create a practical plan for each individual patient based on their unique needs. Our patients do see more than one team member on their day of appointment to accomplish the goal of getting a comprehensive plan which deals with the different aspects of their care including the medications, diet as well as exercise recommendations. If needed, other team members are also consulted.




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