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Specialized Diabetes Consultants


All the Consultants are North American Board certified with extensive

experience in the management of diabetes and its complications.


Specialized Nurse and Dietitian Diabetes Educators


Diabetes management needs a comprehensive approach. These

specialized educators provide the recommendation for lifestyle

modification for the patient and family to achieve good control. Given our

belief that diabetes education is the key to success, we provide different

levels of education from individual counseling to group classes to meet

the patient needs.


Retinal Camera

The technology being used by the Dubai Diabetes

Center to obtain retinal imaging is the most

modern and does not require the use of eye drops

to dilate the pupils This test allows us to prevent

blindness by detecting early eye damage which is

one of the major complications of diabetes.


Exercise Evaluation

Exercise physiologist is a key member of the Dubai

Diabetes Center tea. This specialist evaluates the

exercise capacity of an individual and designs

an individualized program of exercise based on

the patient's condition. These patients are then

followed up on a regular basis.


Advanced Technology

The Dubai Diabetes Center team has stateof -the

-art technology to manage diabetes. This helps in

providing the most advanced care in diabetes.

This includes the use of glucometer, sensors and

insulin pumps.



Our podiatry clinic at Dubai Diabetes Center

is the first such facility in the public sector. It is

fully equiped with the latest equipments and is

managed by a highly trained podiatrist. This clinic

provides multiple different services in terms of

foot care for diabetics.


Pediatric Endocrinology


Dubai Diabetes Center offers Outpatient Pediatric

Endocrinology services. This includes the diagnosis

and management of endocrinologic conditions in

children from birth until age 18 years, namely diabetes,

thyroid disorders, short stature, underweight, and

pubertal disorders.

We offer a full team to manage diabetes in children,

which includes (alongside the physician) a team of

diabetes nurse educators and dietary specialists.

Diabetes nurse educators provide comprehensive

educations for patients and their families about

diabetes. Every detail of diabetes care is taught

in a supportive and open environment to obtain

the best results and diabetes control possible.

Diabetes nurse educators are also experts in

diabetes technologies and teach families and

guide them through the steps of starting insulin

pumps and sensors. All of this is done under

in coordination with the physician and under

physician supervision.

Dietary specialists provide teaching for patients

and families about management of food with

diabetes, namely learning how to make better

food choices that will help diabetes control and

how to assess insulin needs for different amounts

and types of food. Dietitians also play an integral

role in management of obesity and helping

families make healthy lifestyle changes which will

benefit the patient and their family.

We offer the full breadth of outpatient care

needed for diabetics (including labs, retinal scans/

ophthalmologic care, and podiatry).

We also offer a specialized team approach to

obesity medicine which is designed to help

children move towards healthy lifestyles and slow

down weight gain in a natural way.


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