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If you are interested in cryopreserving your baby's umbilical cord blood with us at DCRC, please view  the following information and instructions:


Upon registration of the mother, information about the umbilical cord blood and stemcell technology is passed to the mother-to-be. All the mother's queries will also be answered. 


The mother's details are noted and the mother is asked whether she wishes to opt for the Public or the Private Banking of her baby's cord blood and stem cells.  The relevant contract is passed to the mother. 


After which, the mother's and family's medical history questionnaire is conducted to check the suitability of the potential baby's unit for storage. 


If the pregnant mother is potentially fit for storing her baby's cord blood unit what follows is signature of the contract and payment of the initial fees (if privately banked for the baby and its family, donation for the public bank is free).  The baby's cord blood collection kit is handed to the mother.  The mother's file is placed with the pending files' section awaiting the birth of the baby, and the arrival of its cord blood. 


Please note that the registration fee (AED1000.) is due at the time of registration, and which is non-refundable.  The second payment (AED8000) is also to be paid in advance at registration, which is refundable if the baby's unit did not meet the storage criteria.  The third and final fee (AED2000) is to be paid once you need your sample for transplantation.


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