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About Dubai Blood Donation Centre

​​​The Dubai Blood Donation Center (DBDC) of the Dubai Health Authority was found in 1986 as the major blood bank of the UAE that committed to providing a safe and adequate supply of blood.

DBDC collects 50% of the total blood collected throughout the country with average daily collections of 150 units and annual whole blood collection of 35,000 units (according to 2009 statistics).

In collaboration with different institutions and organizations in Dubai nearly 35 blood drives are held every month at the organizations locations or on DBDC premises.

The need for blood is ongoing and must be met every day. The demand for blood is growing faster than the collection rate and DBDC has been requested to have an instant response to the rapid growth in blood demand which is obviously proportionate to the fast growing population of the city along with healthcare facilities. The seasonal blood shortage obviously occurs in the holy month of Ramadan and through the summer holiday.

DBDC is the only blood supplier in Dubai. Its services extend to Thalassemia patients (Thalassemia Center at Al Wasl Hospital), road accident and burn victims (Trauma Centre at Rashid Hospital), patients with neonates and maternity health complications (Al Wasl Hospital), cases diagnosed with cancer or scheduled for open heart operations (Dubai Hospital) as well as to all private health facilities within Dubai that are entitled for transfusion services.​​

Our vision is to be the premier provider of timely, customer-focused quality blood services based on volunteer donation, responding to rapidly changing medical-world events as well as being pioneers in the implementation of new technologies.

Our mission is to ensure safe and adequate blood supply to be made available, with excellence in donor care and recruitment, to all of those in need. 


Donor Care and Recruitment
Blood Safety and Adequacy
Decisive Blood Services Provider
Community Serving

  • Collect, process, test, store and discharge blood products to be used for patients in need.
    Ensure that all standards and procedures implemented at the center are of the highest quality and comply with international standards.
    Anticipate and respond to blood donors and receipt needs.
    Seek opportunities for continuous improvement.
    Build trust between the organization, its members and the community.
    Provide education which enhances the understanding of transfusion medicine and the need of blood.
    Provide a work environment where individuals are valued. ​​


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