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University Student and Resident Research Committee

University Student and Resident Research Committee aims to evaluate approve or disapprove, research conducted by university students and medical residents of DHA who wish to conduct research in Dubai Health Authority and health facilities under the jurisdiction of DHA.


Who can apply under University student’s category?

Undergraduate and Postgraduate students who are doing  their  studies in any universities within UAE and outside UAE that is recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education in UAE, or Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai.


Who can apply under Medical resident’s category?

Medical residents enrolled in the Dubai Residency Training Program (MERD-DHA).

Submission procedure

Please submit soft copies of following documents to SRenold@dha.gov.ae


  • Research protocol.
  • Application form -  Attach form
  • Data collection tool or Copies of surveys/questionnaires both in Arabic and English
  • Copies of Consent form both in Arabic and English – If Applicable
  • Confidentiality Agreement ( Attached form) To be filled, sigend & dated by student researchers and their study site supervisors.
  • Enrollment letter from concerned university clarifying the status of the student - Kindly note, the university must be recognized by the Ministry of Higher Education in UAE, or Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai. (Submit supporting document)
  • Letter or email confirmation from a DHA technical Staff, stating his/her willingness to co-supervise the student.
  • Applicant CV – Applicable for Postgraduate students.
  • Approval from Head of Deaprtment of Study location where study is planned to conduct.
  • If there is more than one DHA sites involved in the study, PI have to obtain HOD signature from each study site.
  • If you are planning to conduct the study at Dubai Hospital, an approval is required to be obtained from both Head of Department and CEO of hospital. Please contact Dubai Hospital Professional Development Office DHPDO@dha.gov.ae to know more details.
  • If you are planning to conduct study at DHA Primary health Care Centers, then an approval is required to be obtained from Director of Primary health Care Centers. Please contact PHCC Professional Development Office. Kindly note the concerned individuals contact details for your reference.
    Ms Ameena Hussain Alraisi ahAlraisi@dha.gov.ae
    Ms Aisha Ali Hassan Ali AL Sharifi aaAlSharifi@dha.gov.ae
    CC – Dr. Shamsa Mohammad Abdulla Saif Al Suwaidi SAlSuwaidi@dha.gov.ae


Submission procedure for Medical resident’s:

Please contact Ms. Fatima Nasser Abdulla Ahli fnahli@dha.gov.ae; 04 219 1064 to understand submission procedure

For additional enquiries

Office Location:

Rashid Medical library, Medical Education & Research Department

Ground Floor – Medical Research Section



7:30 to 15:30 Monday to Thursday

7:30 to 12:00 Friday

Appreciate if you can call and confirm prior to visit.



Ms. Synthia Renold                                                    - 04 2191965​

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