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CPD Accreditation

Professional Development Center

 In order to apply for CME/CPD accreditation ith DHA, the folwing documents should be submitted by the organizer for review as a part of the accreditation process (to be brought as soft copy in a USB/flash drive):

  • Completed accreditation form (attached): Will be filled & typed by CPD provider each time applying for accreditation (soft copy and print out to be submitted).
  • CME/CPD Provider Declaration on Disclosure Form (attached): Will be submitted along with CPD accreditation form (soft copy only).
  • Detailed agenda including time allocated for registration, break and discussion time. (should match with the PowerPoint slides) (soft copy and print out to be submitted)
  • All presentation slides with the references included in the body of the PowerPoint as the last slide (soft copy only).
  • CV/résumé of the speaker(s). (soft copy only)
  • Speaker Declaration Form (attached): will be filled and signed by speaker(s) for each presentation in the program (soft copy only).
  • Application fees: All accreditation requests are subjected to processing fees as attached.
  • Copy of the event's brochure, flyer and invitation, if available (soft copy only).
  • Copy of the approval letter is required if the event is accredited by other organizations or accreditation body (soft copy only).
  • Clarification regarding the human volunteer involvement if practical part included in the program. (Guidelines attached)
  • Hands-on on live subject can be performed only by UAE licensed healthcare professionals (valid license copy and mal-practice insurance to be submitted)
  • As a one-time requirement, please provide the completed CPD Provider Requirements Form (attached) in order to have a record of your organization. (for NON DHA Applicants only)
    Please, note also that:
  • The applicant for accreditation with DHA should have a valid working license or be legally recognized in UAE. (trade license copy of the company also to be submitted in the flash drive) Based on the relevance and validity of the license activity, the application shall be accepted.
  • Make sure to complete the requirements 1 month before the event (or 10 working before the event if the application is urgent) and submit them to Medical Education Department at DHA (Rashid Medical Library, behind Rashid Hospital, Oud Metha). Accreditation requests will be processed only upon receiving the payment. Date of payment is considered as date of application submission.
    Approval for accreditation does not imply authorization to use the DHA logo or name in any association with the activity, including activity materials other than the authorized credit statement.
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