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The Rehabilitation Section provides physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, orthotics & psychology services. The services aim to rehabilitate the clients to maximize independence in activities of daily living and facilitate participation in the community through evaluation, treatment and education by the different disciplines.

The services are provided for inpatients as well as outpatients for paediatric medical, neurological, orthopaedic, post-operative and post-traumatic cases. In addition services are provided for adult obstetric and gynaecological conditions. Moreover, Neonatal developmental assessment is provided. Rehabilitation services are offered to Latifa Hospital staff as well.
The services are prioritized for early intervention and acute conditions as well as follow up maintenance programs for chronic ones. Physiotherapy services are provided for inpatients 24 hours/7 days as needed and the remaining services are provided during the morning duty hours from Sunday to Thursday.

Paediatric Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy treatment in pediatric involves different approach and techniques according to patient needs and conditions to reach certain goals that may lead them to their highest functional level.
Women's Health Physiotherapy
- Ant natal class, Post natal class, labour class and couple classes
- Management of urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse Pregnancy and post pregnancy low back pain.
- Pediatric Musculoskeletal Disorder.

Occupational therapy
Occupational Therapy specializes in rehabilitation of the upper extremity
In this setting our focus on centers development and rehabilitation specifically in the areas of
- Fine-motor skills (age- appropriate hand function and play skills)
- Gross motor skills (overall body strength and coordination)
- Sensory integration (responses to touch, movement, sound etc)
- Self-care (dressing, eating etc)
- Perceptual and cognition (attention, hand writing, pre-school skills)
- Behavior and social skills
- Positioning equipment and adaptive technology (wheelchairs etc)
- Hand splinting

Speech therapy:

Speech and Language Therapy services are provided for patients to improve their communication, language and speech skills. Also, the speech section is concerned with assessing and treating swallowing disorders cases. The focus of speech therapist is to help children to achieve their maximum potentials through using evidence based techniques and providing home program for families.
Women's Health and pediatric care
- Ant natal class, Post natal class, labour class and couple classes
- Management of urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse Pregnancy and post pregnancy low back pain.
- Pediatric Musculoskeletal Disorder.

Orthotic services are provided to children suffering from different neuro- muscular disorders. The Orthotic Unit is fully equipped with modern equipments, tools and machinery that ensure the best outcome with regards to quality and fit. The staff is equally qualified and experienced to assess the needs of the patients and manufacture the best Orthotic devices accordingly. These services range from simple shoe insoles to the most complicated devices like AFO, KAFO, DAFO, SMO, and Spinal Braces.

Neonatal Physiotherapy
Neonatal physiotherapy provides assessment of preterm infants, and term infants at risk, using valid tools while still in the unit. This provides information to family and clinicians on the infant’s motor development. The early identification of infant who may have abnormal motor development allows for referral to appropriate therapy services after discharge. This improves motor outcome as result of early intervention
Neonatal assessment follow up clinic in outpatient rehabilitation section provides, assessment, treatment and anticipatory guidance to improve infant motor out come, and prevent abnormal movement pattern.

The psychology services includes conducting psychological consultations as per internal referrals for child and adult in-patient clients, conducts parent-child observations. In addition, the service provides individual, couples, and family psychotherapy for in-patient and out-patient clients. It provides parenting/family psycho-education. Moreover, the service includes child- and family-centered play psychotherapy. Finally, the service provides psycho-diagnostic assessments including cognitive and emotional functioning.

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