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 Services Provided by Latifa Hospital Pharmacy:


 Major Services  Processes/Procedures/Activities
 1) Dispensing medication to outpatients and providing counseling to ensure safe and proper use of drugs. Label clear instructions in both English and Arabic with a proper explanation.
 2) Dispensing medication to inpatients in unit dose form and reviewing patient drug profiles for appropriate drug therapy and potential interaction. Reviewing electronic patient medication profiles, ensuring appropriate doses contraindications excluding any interactions and supplying labeled medications in unit dose form through the unit dose carts.
 3) Supply of emergency drug kits, trays and CPR boxes to speed up patient rescue in wards and throughout all departments. Preparing, labeling, double-checking and supplying medications in resuscitation trays, kits and CPR boxes to the different hospitals units.
 4) Provision of drug information to healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, etc.). Attending enquires from doctors and nurses through telephone calls or through direct contact. In addition to drug information services through E-mail or pharmaceutical drug information forms.
 5) Provision of drug information to the patient. Attending enquires from doctors and nurses through telephone calls or through direct contact. Provision of health education leaflets and private counseling.
 6) Provision of patient education. Directly contacting inpatients to demonstrate the use of their medication and other related interactions.
 7) Provision of training and orientation to pharmacy staff students. Supervision of new staff and pharmacy students by senior staff and training them on all aspects of pharmacy practice.
 8) Dispensing and controlling of controlled and semi-controlled drugs. Keeping controlled and semi-controlled drugs in secured locked cabinets. Strict control is to be exercised with regards to their issues and receipt and proper records should be maintained.
 9) Pricing and selling medication which are not available in private pharmacies. A standard price list ensures that drugs not available in private pharmacies can be sold in the hospital pharmacy through a payment notification form, which is prepared by the pharmacists and sent to the accounts department for payment by outpatients.
 10) Pricing of medication in the respective wards for discharged patients. Inpatients who must pay for medication are charged in the same manner.
 11) Preparation and dispensing of extemporaneous preparations. Standard formulas are available for the preparation of the extemporaneous.
12) Topping-up of ward stock medication.
 Medicine is supplied to the wards and emergency departments to maintain optimum stock level for each drug in the stock list.
13) IV Admixture Preparation, labeling, handling, and distribution of IV admixture under aseptic conditions after verification of their compatibilities.
14) TPN Services Preparation, labeling, handling, and distribution of Total Parentral Nutrition admixture under aseptic conditions using a TPN compounding machine and software calculator.

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