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Anesthesia and ICU

The Department of Anesthesia and ICU provides clinical care patient management and consultation which includes preoperative assessments, intraoperative anesthesia, post operative care (PACU), intensive care reanimation and acute pain management to UAE national women and children and Dubai residents

Scope of Service
The scope of the services offered by the Department of Anesthesia and ICU includes (but is not limited to) pre-operative anesthesia care for pediatric, as well as obstetric and gynecology, patients that are undergoing various surgical or non-surgical procedures. Our service expands to allow for the provision of acute pain management for obstetric and pediatric patients, airway management, invasive monitoring and intensive respiratory therapy for critically ill patients in the ICU, responding to cardio pulmonary emergencies as well as the supervision, teaching & evaluation of performance of medical students at DMCG, interns and residents.


There are currently 16 anesthesiologists and 14 anesthesia technicians employed at the unit. During on-call times there are at least two anesthetists and two anesthesia technicians at work.


Major Function/Service ​Activities/Procedures Amount of Cases in 2008
​1.Pre-Anaesthesia Care
This is performed in the hospital’s labor suites as well as in the Anaesthesia Clinic
​a. To determine the medical status of a patient.

b. To develop a plan of anesthesia care and to acquaint the patient, or guardian, with the suggested plan in addition to taking his/her consent.

c. Obtaining and/or reviewing investigations and consultations necessary to the application of anesthesia.

d. To prescribe pre-operative medications.
​ 2. Basic Anaesthetic Monitoring​a. To conduct general anesthesia, regional anesthesia and sedation.

b. To monitor and evaluate a patient’s oxygenation, ventilation, circulation and temperature during the anesthetic procedure
​3. Post Anesthesia Care​a. To escort the patient to PACU.
b. To provide a verbal report to the responsible PACU nurse and anesthetist.

c. To evaluate the patient’s condition continually in PACU.

d. To discharge the patient from PACU using pre-established criteria.
​ 4. Pain Managementa. To administer epidural analgesia during labor and delivery.

b. To support the wards in qualified post operative pain relief (e.g. the educational administration of patient controlled analgesia devices etc.).

c. To educate and support the rest of the hospital in all aspects of pain management.
​5. ICU Managementa. To select and insert appropriate non-invasive and invasive monitoring of the patient’s physiological data for collection and interpretation.

b. To support ICU patient’s airways, respiration and circulation.

c. To support the patient’s doctor in all aspects of the intensive care process.
​6. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitationa. To support the patient’s airways, respiration and circulation.

b. To insert central or peripheral venous lines.

c. To administer resuscitative drugs.

d. To defibrillate when necessary.

e. To be active in teaching Basic Life Support (BLS) and Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) in the hospital
​ 7. Transport​To transport intubated or otherwise unstable patients to and from the hospital both nationally and internationally


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