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Investment climate in Dubai

The investment climate in Dubai is one of the strongest global systems in general. The GDP of Dubai recorded 4.1% during 2015 and which surpass the global GDP recorded at 3.4% growth rate.

Dubai is characterized by political stability and provision of a strong infrastructure and transparency in regulations and policies that ensure ease of access to information.

The increased demand on the health sector services is clear through the increased expenditure in the health sector that is captured in the National Health Accounts Report. The needs of the health sector are clear through the Dubai Clinical Services Capacity Plan 2015-2025 which shows the disciplines needed in the Emirate of Dubai.  Also other factors support the future investments such as the Expo 2020 and the Medical tourism program in addition to the full application of the mandatory health insurance scheme.

Below are graphs based on the current reports at the Health Regulation Department that show an increase in the numbers of Healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals annually.

 Total Number of Licensened


Report: Dubai Clinical Services Capacity Plan 2015- 2025



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