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Medical Complaint

In our continued efforts to improve health care services in Dubai, the Medical Complaints Procedure allows us to handle your medical complaints openly, promptly and properly.

1. What defines a Medical Complaint?

A medical complaint is any written or spoken expression of dissatisfaction with a healthcare service in the Emirate of Dubai. Any such complaint is taken very seriously and treated with the appropriate health professional attention and discretion.

2. Who can file a Medical Complaint?

A medical complaint can be filed by a patient affected by the actions of a healthcare provider or the service received within a health facility. A medical complaint can also be filed by a family member or someone acting on behalf of the patient (provided they have a power of attorney). In case the patient in question is dead or in a coma, their next of kin can file a complaint on their behalf. If the patient is a minor, their legal guardian can file the complaint.

Any person who received treatment in Dubai can file a complaint, whether they are residents of the UAE or tourists visiting the UAE.

3. Who is considered a tourist in the UAE?

A tourist is a person traveling to and staying in the UAE for leisure, business or other purposes for short periods. A tourist is not a citizen of the UAE and does not hold a UAE resident visa.

4. Who is considered a resident of the UAE?

A resident of the UAE is either a citizen of the UAE or an expatriate living and working in the UAE, who holds a UAE resident visa.

5. What is the age limit to file a medical complaint?

The complainant should be 21 years or older to file a medical complaint. If younger than 21, legal guardian can submit the medical complaint on behalf of the complainant.

6. Can a complaint be filed against a medical health professional or health facility anywhere in the UAE?

This Medical Complaints Procedure is for complaints against medical health professionals and medical facilities located in Dubai and licensed by DHA. Complaints about health professionals or facilities located in Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC), Ministry of Health (MOH) and outside of Dubai will not be reviewed.

7. How to file a complaint against a medical health professional?

A complaint can be submitted against a medical health professional by completing the Medical Complaints Procedure online http://mc.dha.gov.ae  

It is important to explain and be specific about the health professional you are complaining about. When filing the complaint, please make sure you include all supporting and required documents.

8. How to file a complaint against a medical health facility?

A complaint can be submitted against a medical health facility by completing the Medical Complaints Procedure online http://mc.dha.gov.ae.

It is important to explain and be specific about the health facility you are complaining about. When filing the complaint, please make sure you include all supporting and required documents.

9 Can a complaint be filed against a medical health professional and medical health facility?

Yes, a complaint can be submitted against both the  medical health professional and medical health facility online.

10. What is the process of filing a medical complaint?

The Medical Complaint Procedure aims to simplify the process of filing a medical complaint. fill up the Medical Complaint Procedure online by answering a set of questions. Please note that the complaint will not be filed until the full form is filled and submitted.

While filling in the complaint form, please make sure to highlight the following concerns:

Explain and  be specific on what or whom the medical complaint is about. For example, Health care management not up to the expected standard in medical health facility or a medical health professional prescribed the wrong medication, etc.

The expectations should be clear about what the complainant hoping to achieve. For example: more information about your condition, an explanation, etc.

11. What are the types of complaints Health Regulation Sector cannot help with?

The Medical Complaint Procedure only handles medical complaints. Complaints about administrative, financial, insurance or behaviour-related issues will not be reviewed. These should ideally be raised with the health facility or Inspector.

 12. What are the rights and responsibilities for the patient in Dubai?

For a detailed list of a patient’s rights and responsibilities, please visit https://www.dha.gov.ae/Documents/HRD/PDF6.pdf

 13. What happens after filing in a complaint?

After filing in complaint, the complainant (will receive an email with reference number notifying that the complaint has been received successfully.

Clinical Governance Office will then contact all those concerned who can provide information about your complaint. It may be necessary to review relevant parts of your healthcare records.

Complainant will then be informed if an investigation is required to resolve the case. Clinical Governance Office will notify the complainant in case of any delays.

14 . What is the period to receive the Medical Complaint?

We can accept incidentswithin last three years.

15. How long does it take to resolve a medical complaint?

Clinical Governance Office will review the complaints on a case-by-case basis and aims to resolve each one as soon as possible. Given the fact that Clinical Governance Office will deal with patient care and all healthcare providers involved in the case, the timeframe depends on the complaint.

A complaint that requires extensive and detailed investigation may take time to be resolved, in order to ensure the interest of all parties involved.

The Health Regulation Sectorwill do its best to speed the process and update all parties periodically about the progress of the complaint.

16. How does the Health Regulation Sector handle Medical Complaints?

The Health Regulation Sector deals with each complaint separately, based on the severity of the complaint. The first step is to find out what happened and what went wrong. They can then make it possible for you to discuss the problem with the health professionals concerned if you wish to do so. They then identify the cause of the problem in order to ensure it does not happen again while facilitating communication between the health facility and the patient at all times.

Once the investigation is over, the outcome will be communicated to you.

 17. What is Malpractice?

Malpractice Is an error occurs due to unfamiliarity of the practitioner with the technical aspects which each practitioner assumed to be familiar with, due to negligence, paying insufficient efforts or Failure to follow professional and medical assets.

18. Where can I  get more advice and help? 

If you need further assistance or would like to know more, please contact 800 DHA or email to cg@dha.gov.ae

Alternatively, you can visit Dubai Health Authority’s website for more information on the medical complaints procedure – www.dha.gov.ae

19. Where can I  submit non-medical related complaints?

Non-medical complaint can be submitted  through Wasel Sotak(https://www.dha.gov.ae/en/pages/wasselsotak.aspx)

20. What is MyID?

My ID enables customers to have one single sign-on to all the eServices provided by Dubai Government entities and interact with them using one account only. All customers of Dubai government entities can register in MyID service on its website https://myid.dubai.gov.ae.

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