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Healthcare Facilities

Add Specialty to the Facility License
To add, cancel a speciality to an existing Health Facility.

Changing Facility Location
An application is submitted for approval to change the location of a health facility from its current location to a new location, or expanding it by adding a new office / shop / villa to the existing site.
Cancel Facility License

Canceling the license of a health facility licensed by the DHA after the cancellation of all the professionals licensed or the transfer of their license to another facility.
Change Facility Name
An approval to change the name of a health facility licensed by DHA and obtain a license under the new name.
Change Partner
An application submitted by the health facility licensed by the DHA for approval to add/remove a partner.
Change Service Agent
An application submitted by the health facility licensed by the DHA for approval to change the service agent of facility.
New Facility License
Obtain the necessary license to open a new health facility after ensuring that it meets the specifications and standards of the DHA with all the required documents.
Remove Specialty from Facility License
To add /cancel service to an existing Health Facility
Renew Healthcare Facility License
Is a procedure submitted by the Health Facility to renew their DHA license on annual basis.
Request Eye test form
Is a service that allows all the Health Facilities licensed by DHA under the activity of "Eye Test" to apply for a request to purchase a form for examination .
Change Medical Director
A request submitted by the health facility licensed by DHA to change the medical director of the facility, where all licensed health facilities must have a medical director who is responsible for facility.
Transfer Ownership
An application submitted by the health facility licensed by the DHA for approval to transfer the ownership of the health facility license to a new owner.
24 Hours Pharmacy
Is a service provided by licensed pharmacies to be available 24 hours .

Sick Leave Attestation
Is a procedure followed for the approval of sick leave If the number of sick leave days exceeds five (5) days .
Sick Leave Purchase
The authority for the licensed health facilities to issue and purchase of sick leave balance, and must be by a DHA licensed physician .


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