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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the purpose of health facility inspection?

The purpose of on-site inspection of licensed health facilities is to determine the level of compliance with the law, Dubai Health Authority (DHA) regulations and standards. Also, inspection makes an important contribution to the improvement of delivering of healthcare services and provides assurance to the public on the safety of those services in the Emirate of Dubai.


2. What are the types of inspection?

o   Initial  Inspection

A review of the architectural floor-plan submitted to Health Regulation Department (HRD) to determine the design suitability compared to DHA health facility regulations. An onsite visit might be conducted if needed and an initial approval letter will be issued following this inspection but it does not allow the health facility to be operational yet.

o   Final Inspection

It is a scheduled pre-operational on-site inspection conducted by HRD health inspectors and/or relevant expertise to determine compliance of the new health facility with DHA regulatory standards to give the final approval for the health facility to start its operations once the license is issued.

o   Random Inspection

An unannounced on-site visit to an established and DHA licensed health facility in order to identify compliance to the DHA standards.


3. What types of health facilities are inspected?

All DHA licensed health facilities including but not limited to: Hospitals, Day Surgical Centers, outpatient care facilities (general, specialty Clinics, and Polyclinics), Physiotherapy Centers, Diagnostic Imaging Centers, Optical Shops, Pharmacies, Medical Laboratories, Home Healthcare Centers, Private Schools' Clinics &Medical Spa, etc.


4. Are HRD Health Inspectors authorized to conduct the inspection?

Yes, Health Inspectors are given the right to conduct various inspections through the delegation of authority issued by the Director General of DHA and Ministry of justice as Bailiffs Juridical Officers.


5. How many Health Inspector should I expect on site?

There will be a minimum of two Health Inspectors or an Inspection Committee consisting of multi sector specialists.


6. How frequently will my facility be inspected?

For facilities other than hospitals, you should expect to receive a minimum of two on-site visits per year. However, the Inspectors shall decide upon the time interval between visits based on the outcome of the inspection.


7. Will the on-site visit be planned with the service provider?

o   Yes, if the service provider has applied for initial or final inspection or in case the licensed facility is going to be visited by Weyak team.

o   No, if the health facility is already licensed by DHA, the Health Inspectors shall conduct unannounced (random) visits.


8. What should I expect from the visit?

o   Health Inspectors make objective judgments based on DHA regulations and provide constructive recommendations after the inspection process

o   Judgments are based on impartial evidence whether quantitative or qualitative

o   Pictures may be taken for evidence

o   Inspectors may request any document related to the inspection process

o   An electronic Quality Assurance Field Report will be generated at the end of the process


9. What is expected from the health facility management?

o   Health facility management shall comply with DHA health standards

o   Co-operate with the inspectors during the visit

o   Avoid giving misleading information and false statements, which may lead to legal action against the individual or facility

o   The on-duty facility representative shall officially sign and stamp the Electronic Quality Assurance Field Report

o   Respond to the outcome of an inspection according to the specified period by HRD


10. What happens in case a non-compliance was identified?

Non-compliances shall be documented and informed to the facility representative through the Quality Assurance Field Report.

A follow-up visit will be conducted to check if corrective actions have been taken.


11. Where can I access to the Quality Assurance Field Report?

The Quality Assurance Filed Report will be found under the facility details icon available in the facility online account (Sheryan).


12. Can I start working after final inspection if I did not receive any notification in sheryan that the facility license is issue?

Not until the facility receives the notification from Sheryan that the license has been issued.

Note: Where approval with condition has been granted, the facility has to fulfill the recommendations set out in the
in the final inspection report within the specified period to avoid any disciplinary action.

13. If the health facility is ready for final inspection how can we notify the Clinical Audit and Control Department?

You can send e-mail to QAS_Reg@dha.gov.ae and mention the following:

  • The active mobile or landline number.
  • The proposed date of visit.

14. How many days the final inspection report will take?

Five working days from the day of visit.

15.What happens in case a violation was issued to my facility?

o   If the violation is accepted; you must pay the fine immediately.

o   If you do not approve the decision made by the inspectors; you can appeal in accordance with Article No. (22) The decision of the Executive Council No. (32) For year 2012 on the organization of practicing health professionals in the Emirate of Dubai.

Any interested party may appeal against the decisions and actions taken against him and during (30) thirty days from the date of notification of the decision or aggrieved procedure it.


16. Can we apply for installment?

Yes, but based on the rules of the Executive Council Resolution No.(47) of year 2014 for fine installment entitled for governmental Sectors in the Emirates of Dubai.


17. What are the consequences if my facility has been violated and I did not pay nor appealed within 30 days?

Your health facility online account (Sheryan) will be blocked and you will not be able to perform any transactions until you settle the amount of the violation. The Legal Affairs in DHA will take the necessary action(s).


18.How shall I appeal?

Submit official request of appeal through following email address:  Appeal.hrd@dha.gov.ae


19.When and how will I receive a reply regarding my appeal?

A decision regarding an appeal is made by the appeal committee within (30) days of receiving the appeal letter. The decision of this committee shall be final in accordance with Article No. (22)/ Decision of the Executive Council No. (32) For year 2012.

A notification letter concerning the decision for appeal will be sent to the concerned facility via fax or email.


20. Do I need to inform HRD of any changes in the health facility?

Yes, the facility is required to submit an application thirty (30) days prior to any changes.

Changes include:

o   Ownership

o   Medical Director

o   Name of facility

o   Adding service specialty

o   Removal of service specialty

o   Cancellation of license

o   Change of location

o   Internal modification of facility design/services


21. I plan to close the health facility, should I inform HRD?

Yes, you must submit a request with owner's signature for cancellation of the license thirty (30) days prior to closure.


22. What is the process of taking approval for Control and semi Controlled medication for outpatient clinic and Narcotic for day surgery center?

The facility should submit an official letter to Health Regulation Sector signed by medical director and they should mention the category of specialty in the facility and the types of the procedures they are performing in the facility and for what purpose these medications will be use then, proceed with have to take the approval from Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP).


23. What if I lose, misplace or tear a controlled prescription, what is the required action I need to take?

The facility should send Health regulation sector the police report to take the action.

24. How does Dubai Health Authority audit the returned Controlled Drugs prescription pads?

The pharmacy team will audit the returned CD pads page by page to ensure the number of pages are complete,
filled in correctly, ensure the duration prescription by the physician matches their classification (GP, Consultant or Specialist) and also make sure the prescription was not repeated to the same patient before 
the end of their first prescription duration.

 25. Do we need to return used register to HRD?

No, however used registers must be kept in the facility for  a minimum of 5 years.


26 .Do we need to return the used pads?

Yes, used pads must be submitted to QAS to review the Pad and give recommendations if found.



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