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Clinical Audit

  • Brief introduction regarding initiating Clinical Audit in DHA

     Clinical governance helps to create an environment in which excellence in clinical care flourish. Implementing clinical governance has enabled in transformation of culture, of ways of working and attitudes and systems with in DHA. Clinical Governance has always emphasized on new ways of working and new ways of thinking.


Clinical Effectiveness is just not providing patient care; it is about doing the right thing in the right place, in the right way, to the right persons, at the right time. In Clinical care, doing it right means doing it in the way that the evidence suggests is best.

Evidence generally comes from 2 key sources: audit and research.

Clinical practices that are based on good, robust audit is known as evidence based practices and it is this that ensures clinical effectiveness.


Clinical Audit commenced in DHA considered as


  • the systematic critical analysis of the quality of health care, including the procedures used for diagnosis, treatment and care, the use of resources and the resulting outcome and quality of life for patients. It embraces the work of all health care professionals.

  • the principal tool used to ensure that the highest standard in care is being provided to patients in the safest, most effective and appropriate manner. It is an important component in ensuring the delivery of high quality clinical care. If clinical audit is to be successful, health service staff needs to have the basic understanding required to manage and participate in clinical audit.


It is about finding out if best practice is being practice while research is about obtaining new knowledge; about finding out which treatments are more effective


Clinical Audit Forms





Clinical Annual Report




Guide line for doing an Clinical Audit




Clinical Audit Policy


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Clinical Audit Survey



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