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Specialized Medical Services

  • Anesthesia Department
    The anesthetists prepare and evaluate the surgical patients and follow them (before, during and after the operation) in the anesthesiology clinics. During the surgery, the department provides all types of anesthesia (general / local / mid-term). It also provides pain relief after surgery and deliveries.

    The Anesthesiology team also escort referred patients to other hospitals
  • Department of Internal Medicine
    The Department of Internal Medicine offers its services to patients around the clock through outpatient clinics, internal departments and emergency services. The services provided include all specialties of the internal medicine department such as cardiovascular diseases, chest diseases, rheumatology, joints, osteoporosis, gastrointestinal tract, endocrinology and diabetes.
    The Department of Internal Medicine provides all diagnostic tests for cardiovascular diseases, as well as a unit of endoscopy of the digestive system to diagnose various diseases.
    In addition to providing educational and awareness services to the community through government departments, schools and NGOs.

  • General Surgery Department
    The Department of Surgery performs specialized outpatient services in addition to emergency surgery in the Accident Department. It also performs some laparoscopy operations and other operations such as cholecystectomy, hernia, hemorrhoids, circumcision and others.

  • Department of Orthopedic Surgery and Trauma
    The Department provides specialized outpatient services for various orthopedic and trauma specialties. It also deals with cases of trauma in the emergency department around the clock. The department also performs arthroscopy, joint replacement, ligament tear, spinal surgery, in addition to treating joint pain by injecting it with plasma or stem cells.

  • Ophthalmology Department
    The Department of Ophthalmology provides outpatient care in the hospital in line with the latest medical developments in this field. Where the treatment of external eye diseases such as dry eyes, infections, allergies and autoimmune diseases, as well as prescription glasses for different ages.

  • E.N.T. Department
    The department provides medical care to all inpatients and outpatients. It is specialized in the treatment of ear, nose and throat. It includes hearing and hearing assessment for adults and newborns, laryngoscopy, treating rhinitis, sinusitis and laryngitis, neck tumors and treatment of communication disorders. Evaluation of hearing and balance problems through the implementation of various diagnostic procedures, including hearing-screening procedures, as well as performing some common procedures. It also ensures the transfer of other patients to Dubai Hospital and follow-up cases after operations.

  • Pediatrics Department
    The department provides health care for children as inpatients, outpatient and emergency departments for patients aged 0-13 years of age, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Department of Pediatrics includes specialized clinics: Cardiology, chest and Neurology. It also includesservices for newborns.
    It also has educational and awareness activities in the community, schools and government departments, especially the prevention of non-communicable diseases (diabetes, obesity, smoking).

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Department
    The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology provides various therapeutic and surgical services for all pregnant and non-pregnant women in outpatient clinics, emergency departments and internal departments. It includes ultrasound services, urology related, as well as routine treatment of gynecological diseases, antenatal and postnatal care (natural and surgical). The department also educates and encourages breastfeeding.

  • Family medicine Department and Child Health Services
    The Family Medicine Department provides all the services provided in the primary health care centers, which includes services for the family and children, including child assessment services, child vaccinations listed in DHA and MOH. The department participates actively in home visits and other events in cooperation with other departments.

  • Health Education
    The Department of Health Education provides educational and awareness sessions for inpatients and outpatients, also the team works on preparing programs and events for community awareness through organized visits to neighboring government departments and schools as well as contributing to home visits.

  • Dental Department
    The department provides dental services, follow-up patients in outpatient clinics, emergency treatment rooms and inpatients as well as dental radiology service.

  • Nutrition Department
    The nutrition department provides health education services to inpatients and outpatients including all patients in need of organizing and controlling their diet, such as diabetics, children and pregnant women. The team supervises the preparation of meals for inpatients as well as meals for staff. The team also participates in community awareness through events and workshops as well as home visits. The department provides nutritional supplements for the elderly and children.

  • Physiotherapy Department
    The physiotherapy team provides physiotherapy services to all patients referred from various clinics as well as to patients who have undergone joint operations, knee replacement and various fractures. The physiotherapy team covers patients in the internal departments as well as outpatients.


Clinical Support Services

  • Laboratory Department
    The laboratory department in the hospital provides the service of collecting, preserving and sending samples collected from patients in the hospital from all departments according to the doctor's request. The laboratory team also ensures the safety of the samples and keeping them in a correct process. Keeping contact with doctors and patients in case of need to ensure full follow-up of cases. Laboratory Department includes:
    • Hematology
    • Microbiology
    • Blood bank


  • Radiology Department

The Department of Radiology at Hatta Hospital provides high-quality radiography services to inpatients, outpatients and the emergency department around the clock
• Ultrasound
• CT scan
• X-ray
• Mammography
• Copies of radiographs and reports

  • Pharmacy
    The pharmacy team contributes to providing outpatients and inpatients care, providing information for the use of appropriate drugs and drugs for each case, maintaining an effective and safe distribution system, supporting health care providers in providing services to patients, In the provision of emergency medicine kits and cardiac and pulmonary resuscitation tools to expedite the rescue of patients in all parts of the hospital.


Other Services
The hospital provides other services to customers including:

  • Issuing and renewing health cards
  • Issuing of birth certificates
  • Issuing medical reports
  • Issuing death certificates
  • Home visit services for cases that are already studied

Social services through the Office of Customer Relationship Management

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