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 Neonatal Intensive care Unit

 Neonatal Intensive  care Unit is established in Dubai Hospital for management of high risk  critically ill neonates  including extreme preterm infants born at 23- 24 week gestation.


The unit provides high quality state of the art invasive ventilation services e.g. Assist Control , VG, PSV, High Frequency, NAVA and inhaled NO therapy.

Non-   invasive ventilations e.g.  SIPAP, HFNC, Bubble CPAP are also offered.

The unit has the expertise of  Total Body and selective head cooling services for  babies with perinatal asphyxia and also provides high quality  total parenteral nutrition.

Exchange Transfusion  is done for severe  neonatal jaundice.

Neonatal resuscitation  service  according to latest NRP guidelines,  is provided  round the clock in the delivery room by trained Neonatologist and Nurses 

Post natal  health care service including initial  immunization is  provided to all babies  born in Dubai Hospital.

Newborn screening    for hearing and critical congenital heart disease are done  for all babies in addition to the national  newborn screening programme  for congenital hypothyroidism and Inborn Error of Metabolism  Key Interdependencies

Referral and consultation services are available within Dubai Hospital from pediatric cardiology, nephrology,  gastroenterology, endocrine and metabolic  medicine. Pediatric surgical services are received from Latifa Hospital.

On call and outpatient follow up clinics-

There is  24 hours in house  call services by trained dedicated  Neonatologist  and Neonatal care trained nurses including  week end  and public holidays.  Consultant Neonatologists are also available on call basis every single day.

NICU runs 3 follow up clinics per week   2 for locals and one for expatriates to monitor the growth and development of the discharged babies from NICU.

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