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Around 2,000 blood unites donated by Emirati Women


The Dubai Health Authority (DHA) revealed that 1,988 blood unites were donated by Emirati women at the Dubai Blood Donation Centre in the last three years. The DHA shared these statistics to highlight Emirati women’s notable contributions on the occasion of Emirati Women’s Day, which falls on August 28 of every year. The DHA held a number of activities to mark this special day and provided Emirati women employees with happiness hours. The Dubai Blood Donation Centre revealed that it received 1,497 Emirati women blood donors in the last three years, with some donors donating more than 30 times. His Excellency Humaid Al Qutami, Director General of the DHA said: “The DHA is happy to be celebrating Emirati women and their achievements on this special day. I would like to thank our wise leadership for always putting Emirati women at the forefront, enabling them to shine in various fields, especially the health field. DHA would like to congratulate its Emirati female staff for their great contributions to the development of the authority and the advancement of our beloved country.” Dr Mai Raouf, Director of the Dubai Blood Donation Centre said that a notable number of Emirati women blood donors, from ages 20 to 62-years-olds have donated blood up to 30 times. The top four Emirati women blood donators include a 47 year-old who donated 27 times, a 61 year old who donated 29 times and two 62-year-olds who donated blood 29 and 31 times respectively. She said that a number of the donors have rare blood types revealing that only 0.6 per cent of the UAE population are AB negative, 1.8 per cent are B negative, 2.4 per cent are A negative, 4 per cent are O negative. Meanwhile, positive is the most common blood type and is found in 38.6 per cent of the population. “With their merit, competence and excellence, Emirati women have been able to achieve various accomplishments, carry out many responsibilities and confirm their active and distinguished presence in the service of the nation. In addition, many Emirati women blood donors have contributed to saving the lives of patients in need of blood by donating blood,” said Dr Raouf. She added that people can donate blood every eight weeks, with each donation potentially saving up to three lives. Platelets, which can be donated up to 24 times a year, are also important to help cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or those recovering from surgery who have suffered blood loss.

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