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Vision, Mission & Values


Towards a healthier and happier community.


Transforming Dubai into a leading healthcare destination by fostering innovative and integrated care models and by enhancing community engagement


  • Consumer  centricity - To prioritize the individual experience in the care delivery process through a coordinated set of services that are tailored to the needs, safety and preferences of the consumers, their families and their caregivers. Individuals, with their families and careers should be involved in decisions about their care and treatment. 
  • Efficiency - To maximize the value of healthcare services delivered by pursuing efficiency and appropriate allocation and utilization of resources.
  • Engaged and motivated workforce - To create a work environment that can motivate and attract talented healthcare workforce. The aim is to create engaged, attentive and accomplished workforce that provides distinctive and compassionate care and foster patient trust.  
  • Accountability and transparency - To be accountable for delivering high quality healthcare services and accountable for the communities served.   A system of responsibility and accountability should be put in place to track the process of health related decisions and ensure that the process and results are transparent and clear to the public, patients, healthcare workforce and the communities served.
  • Innovation - To embrace an innovative and interdisciplinary approach to clinical care that strives to enhance the lives of the communities served.
  • Excellence - To aspire to the highest standards of excellence and professionalism in the provision of care.
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