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Dubai Future Accelerators


A government-supported program to explore and deliver commercial partnerships between Dubai’s government entities and transformational technology companies, that benefit Dubai, the UAE and the world.

Each participating entity presents a challenge facing it. This challenge is then targeted by solutions from international companies using their advanced technologies.


DHA Participation in the Dubai Future Accelerators:

DHA was one of the government entities that joined the DFA program since its start in September 2016. This is a brief about the experience and outcomes:


Cycle 1: 18 Sep – 15 Dec 2016


Harness Dubai's remarkable genetic diversity to enhance diagnostic speed and effectiveness by a factor of 10 (using genomics, analytics, telepresence and personalized medicine).


Participating Companies

Cure Match

San Diego-based digital health company that is transforming the standard of care in oncology. Our proprietary decision support software platform guides oncologists in the selection of drug combinations for improved cancer outcomes


Honeywell is a Cyber Industrial Engineering fortune 100 global company solving the world’s toughest problems in the Medical field. They are developing new innovative approaches to “healthcare at home solutions” – a system set to allow hospitals and clinics to provide the most advanced possible care for their patients.


Medativ is a Dubai based research and consulting firm leveraging 3D printing technology to revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered. Our mission is to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs utilizing this cutting edge technology and support Dubai in its mission to become a global innovation hub for 3D printing


Uses Machine Learning to build tools for neuroradiologists that automatically measure and help visualize key brain features, enabling more accurate and faster diagnoses. We use the brain scans we collect to facilitate the recruitment of clinical trial patients and accelerate the development of a cure for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's.


Designer wearable technology that can understand and forecast happiness, stress and other wellness factors.

Complement the product with digital tools and are developing an intelligent wellness coach that uses advanced machine learning algorithms. Deliver data and insights to users and organizations.



MoU signed with 3 companies:





Cycle 2 14 Feb – 16 April 2017


Improve practice efficiencies, patient health outcomes and patient self-management of chronic disease by a factor of 10 through the use of digital technologies.

Participating Companies


H4D Consult Stations

Replicate a medical doctor's office

Allows physicians to perform live reliable consultations.

Allows patients to self-perform health check-ups as part of individual or collective prevention programs

Allows monitoring of acute or chronic diseases.

Convenient and easily accessible health care booths with patented and fully certified Medical Devices.


ARCUS is the world’s first fully wireless motion capture

technology that consists of highly precise wearable

motion sensors that provide real-time visualizations of

motor functions in patients.

ARCUS reduces overall healthcare costs and

demonstrates improved outcomes by delivering

interactive care to patients.



Photothera Labs develops a Light therapy method using electroluminescence (EL) and organic light‐emitting diods (OLED) light


Sleep mask for Diabetic Retinopathy

Newborn Jaundice blanket

BAD Mask



HeartShield specializes in developing solutions for recognizing, tracking and preventing cardiovascular disease using artificial intelligence and signal processing technologies usable on consumer-grade mobile devices.

Early warning on mobile

Works on any smartphone

Oxymetry-like measurement

Artificial intelligence for recognizing Cardiovascular disease

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